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eSchoolBC: Blended and Online Learning
Middle School Program, Gr. 6-9

Due to significant demand for online programming, eSchoolBC has restructured existing programs to better serve our school community and meet the needs of our learners. Accordingly, eSchoolBC is offering the following model for middle school aged learners in grades 6-9. 

Students in our online middle school option will attend virtual classes each morning, from Monday to Thursday, and optionally attend field study opportunities in person on Fridays. Afternoons will be reserved for individual or small group support with teachers. The program will follow an online, synchronous delivery of Humanities subjects (English & Social Studies), as well as STEM curriculum (Mathematics & Science). Additional cross-curricular learning opportunities will be offered based on student interest and availability; however, the program will be primarily focused on the four core academics. Space is limited in our facility; therefore, we are encouraging virtual support over video conferencing platforms such as Zoom as much as possible. In some instances, arrangements may be made with teachers for individual or small group support in person.

The tentative weekly schedule may look like this:


For inquiries into the K-9 program please click here.