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eSchoolBC: Blended and Online Learning
Online Courses Gr. 10-12
Full-time or part-time students work at their own pace online (asynchronously). Many students are cross-enrolled with local schools. Students have regular access to teacher support either by phone, video conference, email or in person. Each secondary school in the district also has a local eSchoolBC teacher contact for additional school-based support during second semester

Note: we are currently offering a new synchronous model for some of the core courses (Eng/Math/Sci/Soc) delivered in a 10 week, "quartered" schedule to match the secondary school schedules.  If you are interested and want to learn more, please contact  
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​Courses are free for residents of BC and count fully towards graduation and university/college prerequisites.

Course offerings for 2020/2021 include:



​Grade 10:​ ​

Careers 10

FPC Math 10

Workplace Math 10

English (ELA) 10

Science 10

Social Studies 10

​Physical Education 10

Grade 11:

Workplace Math 11

Biology 11 (Life Sciences)

English 11

Pre-Calculus Math 11

Physics 11

Social Studies 11

Foundations Math 11

Chemistry 11

Psychology 11

Science for Citizens 11

Foods 11

Career Life Connections (11 or 12)

Grade 12:​ ​

English 12

Pre-Calculus Math 12

Calculus Math 12

Foundations Math 12

Apprenticeship Mathematics 12

Biology 12 (Anatomy & Physiology)

Chemistry 12

Physics 12

​Social Studies 12: World Religions

​​Social Studies 12: Physical Geography

​Social Studies 12: 20th Century World History

​​Social Studies 12: First Peoples

Social Studies 12: Law Studies

Social Studies 12: Social Justice

Foods 12

Tourism 12

English First Peoples 12Career Life Connections (11 or 12)
Child Development & Caregiving 12
Work Experience 12