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eSchoolBC: Blended and Online Learning
Blended Learning Community Gr. 5-9

snip_20190506135215.pngCommunity mindedness is a central component of our learning environment. We know that students who feel a sense of belonging within a group are more confident, more inclined to take risks with their learning and more able to acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions required of our curriculum. Community is developed in our context in a virtual, online environment, but it also includes regular face-to-face collaboration that is mutually respectful, supportive and safe. Regular face-to-face attendance is a requirement of this program.

Students in our Blended Learning Community are organized in a multi-aged cohort that is subdivided into smaller groupings as needed. The primary curricular areas that our teachers will draw from include English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science; however, our learning is focussed on cross-curricular objectives and themes, where students have voice and choice over the focus of their learning. Of course, all our learning will continue to develop strong foundational skills in literacy and numeracy.

See our Student and Parent Handbook for more detailed information.