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eSchoolBC: Blended and Online Learning
Our Learning Story

Our Learning Story

IMG_8616.JPGeSchoolBC is a distributed learning program within Central Okanagan Public Schools. It operates according to the BC Ministry of Education Distributed Learning Policy and according to the Distributed Learning Agreement between the local Board of Education and the Ministry of Education. eSchoolBC is able to offer students flexible schedules while sustaining access to teaching and learning opportunities provided by public school teachers; however, eSchoolBC is not a traditional "homeschooling" program. eSchoolBC offers a number of different programming options for students in grades 6-12, including graduated and ungraduated adult learners. Information about our existing programs can be found on our website. Click here to read more.

As of September 30, 2019, eSchoolBC became a discrete program outside of it's historical roots as a part of Central Programs and Services. eSchoolBC is a district program within Central Okanagan Public School's Learning Technology Department.

Collectively, eSchoolBC programs aspire to be responsive and adaptable to the diverse needs of our learners and to be aligned with the new BC Curriculum and learning directions of Central Okanagan Public Schools.